David Neils

David Neils has had a passion for helping youth maximize their potential for the last 17 years. “It’s inspiring, humbling, challenging, but more than anything,” says David, “It’s a gift.” David is the founding blogger here at personal traction. He is also the Founder and Director of the International Telementor Program, which he launched in 1995. Previously, he worked as a software developer for Hewlett-Packard. Through the ITP, David has made it possible for more than 44,000 youth to receive academic mentoring support from hundreds of professionals representing a variety of fields. He is a frequent speaker on the value of mentoring, as well as the school-to-work transition and purpose-driven education. Write to: davidn@telementor.org

FROM THE FOUNDER | by David Neils

3 Questions All Students Must Answer Before Graduating

FROM THE FOUNDER | by David Neils HERE ARE THREE broad questions that all students should be able to answer before they graduate. I’ve included key sub questions for each broad area. I would strongly recommend projects where the results … Continue reading →

10 Questions for a High School Student

by David Neils 1. Who shares my interests? 2. Which fields are represented by professionals who share my interests? 3. How do I interview successful alumni from these post-secondary programs? 4. How do successful professionals rank the post-secondary program that … Continue reading →

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