Zac Burson

Zac Burson is an English teacher in the Bossier Public School System in Shreveport, La. and has served as program coordinator for the International Telementor Program (ITP) since 1996. As the Program Coordinator for the ITP, Zac has worked with students, teachers and mentoring communities from Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, New York, California, Louisiana and Colorado and as far afield as Singapore, Australia, Italy, Canada and Germany. An expert in project-based learning, he has trained many teachers to leverage ITP mentoring resources. Write to:

MENTORING GEMS | by Zac Burson

Amazing Stories of Transformed Teens

MENTORING GEMS | by Zac Burson A NUMBER OF THE FEATURED STUDENTS IN this issue of Telementor have developed career and education plans over multiple school years with the aid of multiple mentors. Ideally, all ITP students would receive the same … Continue reading →

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