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The ideas expressed here at¬†personal traction form a larger umbrella under which (and e-mentoring) exists. is a subset of the concept and/or movement of ‘personal traction’. The International Telementor Program is an academic, project-based e-mentoring organization that is dedicated to ensuring students gain personal traction.

More About e-Mentoring

The International Telementor Program (ITP) facilitates electronic mentoring relationships between professional adults and students worldwide, and is recognized as the leader in the field of academic-based mentoring. Since 1995, over 40,000 students throughout nine countries have received support, encouragement, and professional guidance. ITP serves students in K-12 and home school environments as well as college and university settings.

Telementoring, or e-mentoring, is a process that combines the proven practice of mentoring with the speed and ease of electronic communication, enabling busy professionals to make significant contributions to the academic lives of students. Through mentoring by industry professionals, a corporation helps students develop the skills and foundation to pursue their interests successfully and operate at their potential.

Although research shows that face-to-face mentoring programs can have a variety of positive impacts, many top professionals believe they simply don’t have the time to make that kind of commitment. By spending about 30-45 minutes per week, mentors can help students achieve academic excellence and explore career and educational futures.

A study of teacher survey data from the last three years (September, 1999 – March, 2002) indicates telementoring is making a measurable difference for students. A high percentage of teachers witnessed significant improvement in writing skills (95%), self-directed learning (88%), critical thinking skills (75%), career and workplace knowledge (57%), desire to go to college (46%), subject grades (45%), and science comprehension and ability (44%). Access the research documents on the Web site:

ITP staff encourages you to consider providing this resource for your teachers and students. The general steps to participate include:

1. Visit to review successful ITP projects from students around the world.
2. Identify teachers who have project based learning experience and technology skills.
3. Develop ITP projects that meet and enrich existing education goals.
4. Ensure teachers and students have a solid connection to the Internet.
5. Determine whether students will be able to communicate 2-3 times per week with mentors.
6. Secure funding for your students to participate. The cost of the program is $200 per student.
7. Contact ITP staff with your questions or comments.

Contact ITP staff to learn how to server students in your community.

Call Toll Free: 877-376-8053 (U.S. and Canada) or 970-481-9795, E-mail:

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