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personal traction means you don’t slip. You can stably, reliably move yourself ahead. An individual with “personal traction” is informed, connected and engaged in their learning, in their life and in the lives of a broadening sphere of people around them. They are a contributing member of society with much to contribute. They can contribute because they are both confident and competent.

It’s personal because the learning and living involved is uniquely tailored to your interests, talents and skills—it’s about helping you, so you can ultimately help yourself and others around you.

Traction is a word derived from the Latin trahere, which means to draw. It can refer to the act of drawing (pulling), the force exerted in drawing, the power employed to draw a vehicle, or the adhesive friction of a body on a surface on which it moves.

Again, our main point here: Students with ‘personal traction’ don’t slip. They move forward. They ‘pull’ their own weight—and then some.

A student or individual with personal traction:

> Nurtures interests, hones talents and gains skills that ensure they have a level of confidence and competence that is unshakeable.

> Develops and maintains a proactive approach to learning and life, and moves forward as a leader in their chosen field(s).

> Does not wait until an arbitrary graduation mark gives them permission to take charge; they engage in project-based, academic learning that often goes beyond theory and moves into practice right away.

> Develops, gains and demonstrates personal traction by making positive change happen right away. It is not by mistake. This is accomplished through creating a plan, and dedicated efforts and actions taken to achieve specific and measurable results.

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