Business professionals give students real perspective

molivastuds1.jpgAfter last year’s amazing success of the students in DECA competition, I am truly committed to the International Telementor Program (ITP).  Even though my students are really capable and committed to the projects they work on, the mentor expertise in the business world brings them a perspective they cannot get anywhere else at this point in their lives.

molivastuds2.jpgLast year our student groups enjoyed an unprecedented level of success and much of this was due to the input of working business professionals in a variety of industries.  Timberland High School DECA qualified three written projects to the international level of competition.  One project in Business Operations Research made it to the final round of 16 and another group finished top 10 in the world!  Though the students were exceptional writers, they would never have achieved this level of success without willing mentors.

I was truly humbled that so many professionals were willing to make a commitment of time and their knowledge to inspire and help the next generation of business leaders.  Many of the mentors made huge impacts on the lives of my students outside of the project mentoring process.  Through common interests and online conversation, my students were also able to explore some career areas and gain insight into what is required to be successful in the business world.

I am setting the bar high again this year because I know that the mentors in this program will help my students reach their goals.  If you’re a teacher, I encourage you to get involved with ITP so you can experience the value of this program yourself.

by Michael Oliva, Timberland High School business teacher, Wentzville, Missouri
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