Mentoring, networking recommended as way to better job

kylepanelMy oldest son, Kyle, is learning the value of networking. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree two years ago and has struggled since then to find a “real” job. His world is beginning to change, however. After serving on a panel moderated by the director of AOL Jobs, he’s now blogging for that online resource and receiving advice from noteworthy career coaches and others. Their recommendations include seeking out a mentor and emphasize the importance of building a professional network. While these strategies aren’t new to Kyle given that his mom works for ITP, which is all about mentoring and building professional networks, I believe hearing this wisdom from outside sources increases its value.

I invite you to read about his journey and what others say about it. If you’re already serving as an ITP mentor, I hope his story underscores the importance of your volunteering in that capacity. If you’d like to learn how to impact students’ lives by mentoring, get in touch. I’d love to talk with you.

Kim Sharpe,



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