Picture-perfect college and career planning

Powerpoint template for scientific posters (Swarthmore College)Powerpoint template for scientific posters (Swarthmore College)At the end of each school term, projects supported by the International Telementor Program come to a close and students present what they learn to an authentic audience, including professionals, teachers and their peers.

One Parkway High School student in Bossier City, Louisiana, shared what she learned in her Career Exploration class about becoming an attorney. This poster (which was created from her PowerPoint presentation) illustrates the pathway she’s planned to achieve her goals (read an excerpt below) and the professional network she’s established consisting of people who will support and challenge her, including Stacey Kielbasa, president of the National Association for Law Placement, and James Silkenat, president of the American Bar Association.

​Picture something like this for every student as they prepare for high school and beyond. The vision is remarkable, isn’t it?

Plan of Action

My primary area of interest is in the field of law. I plan to read Supreme Court cases, journals from lawyers, the United States Constitution, and court cases to continue learning as much about law as possible and to develop positive habits. I plan to volunteer at my local law firm to learn more about my area of interest during the next few years.

My current career goal is to earn a degree in law. In order to reach this goal, I plan to apply to attend either Louisiana Tech or Tulane University where I will major in Political Science. I will contact the admissions and finical aid offices at my university of interest to request information and prepare for college entrance and success.

The high school courses that I am currently enrolled in that are most directly related to my interests include Newspaper and Pre-AP English II, and the AIM Gifted Elective. I am also applying to the Louisiana School, which will provide me with a superior education and foundation for my future. In order to prepare for a successful start to my postsecondary education, this semester, I am currently addressing the following three goals: improving my debate skills, maintaining a high GPA, and becoming more familiar with important Supreme Court cases to try to improve my chances of future success.

To meet my goal, I plan to develop a better understanding of which schools have a good law program, and I will figure out the scholarships offered at those universities. In addition, I plan to study litigation during the next two months to learn more about how the court system works. During my first year of college, I plan to focus on my core classes. During the second year of college, I anticipate taking more courses that focus on law to help me start to develop important skills. My third year of college, I will continue to develop my law skills. My fourth year of college will be spent finishing my required courses and applying for an internship at a local law firm.

Five years from now I plan to be attending school at Louisiana Tech or Tulane University. I hope to live in an apartment near my university. After that, I will go to law school in order to become a lawyer. I anticipate success in my future college and career because I will have prepared sufficiently. I believe I can and will meet my goals because I possess a strong work ethic coupled with a strong desire to succeed.

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