Mentoring helps professionals gain insight, impact students’ lives

Bev Cross

Bev Cross

The International Telementor Program pairs students throughout the world with professionals from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Inc., Google and MasterCard who work with them on a variety of projects ranging from college and career planning to wetland conservation and wildlife habitat restoration to marketing plan development for local businesses.

Since David Neils founded ITP in 1994, more than 47,000 students have benefited from the relationships they build with volunteer mentors who communicate with their protégés twice a week through ITP’s secure website. Mentors recommend strategies for research, review student work and provide encouragement. Students learn professional communication skills, the importance of meeting deadlines and other lessons they carry with them into the workplace. Most importantly, they engage in authentic learning that has real-life results.

While the job might sound time consuming, it’s more than worth it. When asked why she mentors, Bev Cross, a Hewlett-Packard, Inc. employee says:

“I’ve been a mentor with ITP since 2005 working with more than 100 young people on their projects.  Many of the projects have involved students researching careers and others have been about a variety of subjects.  I have collaborated on so many different projects and I just love it!

“The commitment and enthusiasm of the students is infectious. Telementoring allows me to provide support to students in many social settings, broadening my knowledge of their environments. I find that I develop a rapport and relationship with these young people, and I am deeply touched by their appreciation at the end of each project.  It really is me who gains from the time spent with each of them.”

Become an ITP mentor today. You have a lot to gain.

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