Mentor Profile: Kendra Yoder

Kendra Yoder is a Systems Engineering Analyst in the department of Quality Assurance at Merck. In her current position for a year and half, she’s been at Merck for 7 years. Her previous position was as an Analytical Chemist. Kendra has been involved in e-mentoring middle and high school students for more than five years now and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the student-mentor experience. Here she shares her thoughts on helping students to gain personal traction by utilizing the power of e-mentoring.

POWER & VALUE: “E-mentoring has the power to inspire students to reach for their dreams, to gain confidence in their abilities and to realize their value and ability to impact the world in a positive way.

RESULTS: “The following student quotes capture this better than anything I could say,” says Kendra.  “I wouldn’t have been able to find out all the information without you. You have led me on the right paths and hung in there with me as I was getting a little behind on everything and you just kept giving advice to help me out. Every message you write to me holds some new piece of information or advice that I am sure to carry on with me the rest of my life!” ~Kaelee

“I really hope that my dream to become an optometrist turns into a reality. I really appreciate your support and comments toward my decision to work toward this career field. I can’t wait to start working to help out the community. I really enjoyed working with you on this project, and this class has taught me an enormous amount of information. It really helps students learn how to plan out their life, where they are going with their future, and how they’re going to get there.” ~ Melissa

“You have been a wonderful mentor and have helped me further my education about an accountant. I would like to thank you and your friend for the many things you have helped me accomplish during this session. I really enjoyed my time in telementoring. I learned many new things and met someone who helped me tremendously.” ~Shernelia

BRIDGING THE GAP: “E-mentoring can help students overcome the obstacles that exist in their life by providing one-on-one interactions that engage them in taking charge of their futures.

UNIQUE: “For some students having an e-mentor offers an opportunity, for the first time, to interact with professionals in the ‘real-world’ who have a genuine interest in them and are dedicated to seeing them succeed.

BENEFITS: “E-mentoring enables students to see how important education is in helping their dreams come true in the ‘real world’ and provides the opportunity for students to benefit from one-on-one ‘real-world’ guidance in planning a career, designing a science fair project and in developing life-long habits for future success.”

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