8 Questions Every Student Should Ask Their Mentor

by David Neils

From experience gleaned in helping more than 40,000 students connect with a mentor, here are eight excellent career planning questions that a student can use in talking with their mentor:

1 What type of work are you currently doing, and how long have you been doing it?

2 What would you recommend that I focus on as a high school student to become a successful (……fill in the blank……)?

3 What are the best post-secondary schools for your field, and what criteria should I use to rank them?

4 What type of work could I expect to be performing right out of school with a bachelor’s degree?

5 What are the top three or four things employers are looking for from new employees?

6 What do you think the main focus will be in your area of study in 10 years?

7 How selective are the top universities?

8 Is there anything else I should be asking about that would help me move forward toward my goals and dreams?

Adapted from the article, Informed, Connected, Engaged! by David Neils, originally published in the Winter 2007 issue of Telementor, The Journal of the International Telementor Program.

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