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Getting ‘Authentic’

As a tip for educators, David Neils, director of the International Telementor Program, says projects that include the following elements will ensure that students are truly engaged, informed and connected to their learning and can experience what he distinguishes as … Continue reading

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Lasting Impressions: What Are Iterations?

CATHY SOWARD IS a mentor from HP. She recently assisted a student from Topeka, Kansas. In her messages, she includes simple yet powerful concepts. Iteration is the act of repeating a process with the aim of approaching a desired goal, … Continue reading

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Startling Statistic: Over 45,000 Students Mentored

■ 45,040 students mentored since 1995 through a single, secure online community — tens of thousands benefiting from life-changing positive results. Source: International Telementor Program Share this:EmailFacebook

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Students, Relationships and Authentic Work

MENTORING GEMS | By Zac Burson WE ARE SEEING the value of authentic work on a daily basis as student develop and leverage relationships near and far to articulate their interests and pursue their ambitions. As we look at each … Continue reading

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Authentic Student Work: Rocket Fuel for Youth

FROM THE FOUNDER | by David Neils with Zac Burson I’M GRATEFUL FOR the opportunity to help youth maximize their potential through our International Telementor Program ( It’s humbling and inspiring to see what happens when teachers and mentors work together … Continue reading

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Whether you’re a student, teacher, mentor, or sponsor—we welcome your participation in the International Telementor Program and invite you to SUBSCRIBE to Telementor, our regular blog (click on the “Sign me up!” button to the right - it’s free!). You will … Continue reading

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