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Students, Relationships and Authentic Work

MENTORING GEMS | By Zac Burson WE ARE SEEING the value of authentic work on a daily basis as student develop and leverage relationships near and far to articulate their interests and pursue their ambitions. As we look at each … Continue reading

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8 Ways Mentors Help Students

TEACHER PERSPECTIVE | by Joan Turek A veteran teacher shares 8 ways the use of outside mentors can assist students inside your classroom to gain personal traction for life beyond school. Because of the experiences my students have had working … Continue reading

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How to Develop Social Capital & Why

ESSAY | by Bill Towns There’s something missing from the majority of classrooms in this country that most people—students, parents, teachers—don’t even realize is missing… You would always hope that students would be clued in enough to be able to … Continue reading

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How to Have An Excellent Year

TEACHER PERSPECTIVE | by Joan Turek Limited by the walls of a school building? Look to collaborative projects connecting your students to real-world learning. This has been another excellent year for my students who have been fortunate enough to work … Continue reading

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Collaboration Heaven

It’s hard to find hundreds of mentors who want to work with inner-city students in a fairly small community of 100,000 people. I’m talking about inner-city Topeka. Doesn’t sound like it, but it is inner city. And there just aren’t hundreds … Continue reading

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