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Flood zones and student motivation recover when students engage in authentic work

By David Neils When students know they’re tackling real issues, they’ll put in real effort. Molly and Morgan, two 6th-grade students at Trail Ridge Middle School had an opportunity to tackle a real issue recently–the Colorado flood of fall 2013 that ravaged their community of Longmont, Colorado. … Continue reading

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Feedback Fuels Refinement

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Albert Einstein Some people avoid evaluation, fearing less than satisfactory feedback. (It’s much like why  some people avoid going to their doctor; they are … Continue reading

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Getting ‘Authentic’

As a tip for educators, David Neils, director of the International Telementor Program, says projects that include the following elements will ensure that students are truly engaged, informed and connected to their learning and can experience what he distinguishes as … Continue reading

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Authentic Student Work: Rocket Fuel for Youth

FROM THE FOUNDER | by David Neils with Zac Burson I’M GRATEFUL FOR the opportunity to help youth maximize their potential through our International Telementor Program ( It’s humbling and inspiring to see what happens when teachers and mentors work together … Continue reading

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Quotable: Authentic, High Energy Experiences

“We create opportunities where students and professionals tackle real issues together and actually make a difference. Think authentic. Think high energy. Think passion. We have some of the best professional talent worldwide working as mentors in our program.” —David Neils, … Continue reading

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3 Great Questions Every Student Needs to Ask Themselves

by David Neils Mentors can dramatically increase the chances of a student pursuing his or her interests successfully by guiding the student in three primary areas, each area including a driving question (students can ask themselves these questions as well). … Continue reading

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8 Questions Every Student Should Ask Their Mentor

by David Neils From experience gleaned in helping more than 40,000 students connect with a mentor, here are eight excellent career planning questions that a student can use in talking with their mentor: 1 What type of work are you … Continue reading

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